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World Prayer Network (WPN) seeks out Holy Spirit given strategies for how to be an effective and contagious Christ-follower in our present national situations. WPN hosts weekly prayer calls to seek out strategies for the transformation of nations, including our own. During our live calls, we share briefings from key leaders and then pray into what we see and hear from the Lord.


Dr. Jim Garlow & Rosemary Garlow-Schindler

Dr. Jim Garlow is a best-selling author, communicator, commentator, historian, cultural observer, and Founder & CEO of Well Versed, Inc.

Mario Bramnick

Christian, husband, father, Pastor of New Wine. President of the Latino Coalition for Israel, with a vision to establish the largest Hispanic Pro-Israel organization in America.

Adam W. Schindler

Adam W. Schindler is a communicator, consultant, pastor, and digital strategy executive with expertise in digital marketing, messaging, and technology architecture & development.

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