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WPN Prayer Call | 30

Wednesday, May 12th, 2021
5 pm PT, 6 pm MT, 7 pm CT, 8 pm ET

Briefings from Deputy Head of Mission Benjamin Krasna at the Israeli Embassy, Eric Stakelbeck (TBN), and Chris Mitchell (CBN) in Jerusalem, as well as special guests from the Israeli Embassy.

Join us for our THIRTIETH World Prayer Network Prayer Call of 2021. It is a special call to prayer and action for the nation of Israel and the peace of Jerusalem. Under constant barrage from Hamas rockets, we unequivocally support Israel’s right to defend herself against these terrorist assaults.

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  1. Praying 🙏🙏🙏 for Peace for Israel and Middle East and for ALL OF AMERICA WE NEED GOD AND PEACE ON EARTH!!
    Please Lord help us to have Peace one for another
    In Jesus Name!! Amen 🙏 🙏🙏✝️✝️✝️

  2. From Canada — I stand tall with all the Jewish people in Israel and wherever the Jewish people are in the world and over the Nation of Israel now and forever. Sirach 36 – Have mercy upon us, O God of all, and put all the nations in fear of you, up your hand against foreign nations, and let them see your might, as you have used us to show your holiness to them, so use them to show your glory to us, then they will know as we have known, that there is no God but you, O Lord. Give new signs, and work other wonders, make your hand and right arm glorious, rouse your anger and pour out your wrath, destroy the adversary and wipe out the enemy, hasten the day and remember the appointed time and let people recount your mighty deeds, let survivors be consumed in the fiery wrath, and may those who harm your people meet destruction. Gather all the tribes of Jacob and give them their inheritance, as at the beginning. Have mercy, O Lord, on the people called by your name, on Israel, whom you have named your firstborn. Have pity of the city of your sanctuary, Jerusalem the place of your dwelling, fill Zion with your majesty, and your temple with your glory. Bear witness to those whom you created in the beginning, and fulfill the prophecies spoken in your name. Reward those who wait for you and let your prophets be found trustworthy, Hear O Lord, the prayer of your servants, according to your goodwill toward your people, and all who are on the earth will know that you are the Lord, the God of the ages.

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